Housing prices1 (2021, inclusive of single and multi-family residences) in Canal Flats are 30% lower than the Columbia Valley average, 40% lower than the East Kootenay region average, 235% lower than the B.C. average, 330% lower than metro Vancouver average, 172% lower than the City of Kelowna, and 68% lower than City of Calgary average.

Housing Prices: Buy A Home in Canal Flats… Put $320,000 (Calgary) To $900,000 (Vancouver) In Your Pocket

Imagine you can sell high-priced real estate and retire 5-10 years earlier than you might have otherwise with your nest egg. Enter an opportunity in Canal Flats – southern gateway to a Columbia Valley that is in touch with nature, and a sense of community.

We have the most affordable housing in the Columbia Valley. Housing affordability is a key feature of being able to attract and retain labour force supply, independent entrepreneurs, retirees, young people, and recreational property owners. House prices are a fraction of average B.C. and Calgary housing prices while median household income in Canal Flats is 19% lower than the B.C. average, and Calgary after tax family income (a source of roughly 50% of recreational property purchases in Canal Flats) is 40% higher than the B.C. average.

Average Residential Home Resale Price
(2021, includes single and multi-family residences unless otherwise noted)

Canal Flats – $277,000

East Kootenay Region – $417,000

Metro Vancouver – $1,200,000 (incl. multi-family)

Calgary – $600,000 (detached dwelling)

B.C. – $927,000

Canada – $713,000

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Based on house resale prices in 2016, housing prices in Canal Flats are:

30% lower than the Columbia Valley average

330% lower than the metro Vancouver average

235% lower than the B.C. average

68% lower than the City of Calgary average

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