BC Hydro: 1.800.224.9376

Propane (heat):
Superior: 1.855.539.5862
Lo-Cost: 1.888.446.1047

Municipal Rates (2021):

  • Water (residential) – $327 annually, (commercial) – $327/yr unless otherwise itemized in current Fees and Charges Bylaw
  • Sewage (residential) – $202 annually, (commercial) – $202/yr unless otherwise itemized in current Fees and Charges Bylaw
  • Garbage – residents take garbage (no charge for household garbage/yard waste) to the Regional District of East Kootenay transfer station (10km south of Canal Flats)
  • Recycling – no service/fee. Local drop-off bins for cardboard, glass, plastic. Bottles/cans and end-of-life electronics go to Bottle Depot in Invermere (40 km north). Other household items (in working order) can be recycled at the Re-Use-It Centre (Columbia Valley Landfill 30 km north).

Taxes (2021)

Residential – 6.85547
Business – 15.28813
Light Industry – 22.70225
Business Tax – .0300% (professional services only)

Example: $277,000 (representative residential property assessment, 2021) x 6.85547/1000 = $1899.75 (property taxes). + water parcel tax $275 + user fees (utilities) $529 = $2693.75 total property taxes and charges. Doesn’t include $2.54/ft. sewer frontage and $4/ft. road frontage for infrastructure re-investment (approx. $430). Note: parcel and frontage taxes are dedicated to infrastructure re-investment.

B.C.’s Homeowner Grant Centralization
All property owners can now claim their current year home owner grant by submitting their application to the Province.
There are no changes to program eligibility requirements.

How to apply?

Eligible B.C. homeowners can apply for the 2021 homeowner grant now:
• Apply 24/7 online: gov.bc.ca/homeownergrant
• Apply with an agent: Toll-free at 1 888 355-2700, Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm.
• Apply 24/7 using a *voice recognition application: Toll-free at 1 888 355-2700

Homeowners can use the voice recognition application if:
o Their eligible home is a principal residence, and
o They are applying for a basic or additional grant
Note: if a property owner uses the self serve voice recognition option, please note, they can connect with a live agent if they wish at any time.
*IVR active May 17/201

Still have questions?

  • Homeowners can find information about this change at:
    • gov.bc.ca/homeownergrant,
    • call toll free 1 888 355 2700
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