Affordable Childcare Program’s

Dear Parents,

Are you aware that significant subsidies can considerably reduce your childcare fees? Let us enlighten you!

The Village of Canal Flats Daycare benefits from two substantial subsidy programs aimed at reducing childcare expenses for parents. Although we’re a new center and don’t qualify for the $10-a-day program, the **Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI)** ensures comparable reductions for all kids in our care.


Key Points about CCFRI:

– Eligibility: All children up to the age of 12.

– How it Works: There’s no need to apply. Enroll your child at our center and the fee reductions apply automatically.


– Savings Example:

– For a 12-month-old in our Findlay Room: You pay $19.89/day instead of $63/day.

– For a 3-year-old in our Kootenay Room: You pay $10.89/day instead of $38/day.

– For a school-aged child in our Columbia Room: You pay $12.72/day instead of $15/day.

Calculate Your Savings: Use the [CCFRI Estimator](

Pro-rates: Part-time care has proportional fee reductions, and monthly reductions apply if your child attends fewer than five days per week.


Furthermore, the Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB) is a monthly payment scheme aiding families with childcare costs. The amount varies based on income, family size, and care type. You need to apply annually.


Eligibility for ACCB:

– Residency in B.C.

– Canadian citizen, permanent resident, Convention refugee, or person in need of protection.

– Valid reason for childcare, like employment, schooling, medical conditions, or a few other circumstances.

– Income Testing: Generally, families earning up to $111,000 may qualify, but there are exceptions.

– Families can also be exempt from income testing under certain conditions.


Estimate ACCB Savings: Check out the [ACCB Estimator](


The BEST part? Families can combine BOTH subsidies, possibly reducing childcare fees to ZERO!


Questions? Need assistance with ACCB applications or related paperwork? Please drop by The Village of Canal Flats Daycare, call us at 778-523-8012, or email at We’re here to help!


Let’s make quality childcare affordable for all!