Council presents strategic plan

On February 23 the Village of Canal Flats council hosted a public information session at the Civic Centre, thank you to everyone who attended to learn more and ask questions about the village’s strategic plan.

For those unable to attend, please find a copy of the information in a handout shared at the session below.

We want to hear from you! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas please contact one of your elected officials or the village’s staff.  

What is the strategic plan?  

The strategic plan was developed by the Village of Canal Flats to translate the Official Community Plan into straightforward, measurable, goals and projects.  

Under each of the three strategic priorities are specific initiatives to guide staff’s work in the coming year. 

About the strategic priorities: 

These objectives, projects and initiatives are budgeted and funded through core funding (tax) or pending available grants from strategic partners such as federal and provincial government and organizations such as Columbia Basin Trust. 

Priority one: Secure and protect our residents 

This priority leads to the development of a Climate Action Strategy and includes three objectives: 

  • Emergency response and preparedness – a focus on growing our readiness and response capability including following our emergency management plan, developing a FireSmart program and further collaboration with partners. 
  • Resilient communities – ensuring our core infrastructure is protected including dike improvements and maintenance and completing a water study. 
  • Green communities – working on creating a green community to address climate change at the municipal level including trail expansions, reviewing boat usage and protecting our foreshore.   

Priority two: Resident retention and attraction 

  • Healthy communities – focusing on opening our medical clinic, ensuring trail access, committing to improving our parks and recreation plans to include active living programs and enabling community groups to support programs at and use of our facilities.  
  • Community services and improvements – an emphasis on service improvements and capacity building including driving employment opportunities within the village.  
  • Attainable housing – Includes plans and objectives to construct 10-12 affordable housing units within 24 months. 
  • Live.Work investment attraction – includes engaging developers with unique concepts and models that could enhance community development, and working with strategic partners such as the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Columbia Basin Trust on key housing programs. 

Priority three: Business attraction 

  • Innovation and technology – appointing our Chief Administrative Officer to take the responsibility of Chief Technology Officer, allowing us to leverage his technology background. Engaging technology companies and innovators/entrepreneurs across a broad spectrum to showcase our unique value proposition. 
  • Live.Work investment attraction – including engaging tech companies with an emphasis on attracting entrepreneurs, risk takers and recreational adventurers and forming an Economic Development Committee to engage with local businesses and mechanisms such as smart-wifi to promote business within the community.