Hockey Mecca – Canal Flats Arena

Hockey Mecca – Canal Flats Arena

5000 annual tournament visitors agree…our arena looks like a real life-version of the table hockey game of youth.

Glass for ice. Pristine white boards devoid of advertising. Immaculate clean. A single rink in a Valley amidst the mountain splendour. Hockey at Canal Flats Arena in simple terms…slap of puck, carving ice swoosh and joy in the faces – the way it should be.

Virtually every weekend from mid-October to late March, the arena is hockey central for roughly 1800 young players – mostly from southern Alberta – who can’t find ice time and play 3-4 team tournaments.

A $900K upgrade in 2018 has seen new insulation added to the building envelope – which will extend the season by 4-6 weeks. Additional enhancements include a new accessibility entrance, more dressing rooms, and a gussied-up exterior appearance.

Call Mathieu Fournier, Arena Manager at 250-349-5617 or email today to book your tournament in Canal Flats.