Investment Opportunity – HOTEL / RESORT

Investment Opportunity – HOTEL / RESORT

The Village of Canal Flats seeks to attract key tourism infrastructure (hotel) and/or a tourism attraction (resort development). Currently, there is one seasonal camping operation in Canal Flats. Other hotel, camping and resort style accommodations are located either 80 km south or 30 km north. The Village has identified property sites suitable for these two tourism developments and is open to working with interested investors.

1) Highway Commercial Hotel – 1.5 acre site available. Serviced. Average daily traffic 3100 movements, average summer daily traffic 5100 movements.

2) Amenity-Based Resort Development – site options available. Comparables in the Valley include golf (e.g. of a fit with Canal Flats and changing market -, and fractional/whole ownership, managed by resort operator.

Download a HOTEL / RESORT Opportunity Sheet.