January 9 Council Update

On January 9 the Village of Canal Flats’ council met for a regular council meeting.  

Council first received a report from staff regarding a community group’s suggestion for the creation of an outdoor rink near the existing arena. Council directed staff to work with the group to encourage more community use of the Canal Flats Arena. The report can be read in full here

A resolution was passed allowing the Regional District of East Kootenay be authorized to submit a joint application on behalf of the Village of Canal Flats to UBCM for funding for emergency preparedness supplies. If successful, the supplies, which would help with the operation of an Emergency Support Service program, would be available to Canal Flats as well as other nearby communities as needed.  

Council unanimously agreed to direct staff to include $50,000 for architectural design of a new community hall in the 2024 budget. As part of the 2022 general local election, staff held a plebiscite asking the community if there was support to retain the services of a professional to design and investigate costs associated with the construction of a new community hall. The question received 177 yes votes and 138 no votes. 

A plebiscite is non-binding and council may choose to pursue this project or to abandon it. However, staff recommended the item be included in the five-year financial plan for 2024. This allows the project to remain “on the books” without affecting taxation for 2023. 

Finally, council directed staff to review how ATVs are used in the community and what options are available to encourage responsible use. This comes after council signed a letter of support for an off-road-vehicle trail proposed to connect Canal Flats with Coleman, Alta. which may result in an increase of traffic in the community.