Public works staff complete training to better manage roads, water and wastewater

Public Works staff for the Village of Canal Flats have recently upgraded their training to better serve the community.  

Sjac Pronk, Public Works Foreman, completed his Water Distribution Level 2 course. The course covers topics like water systems from wells, reservoirs, piping, pumps, valving and disinfection procedures as well as regulations and guidelines for operating the village’s water system.  

Operator Doug Cartwright completed a leak detection course, which teaches methods and procedures for finding leaks in water system infrastructure. Being able to quickly identify leaks could save the village from major incidents in the future. 

Additionally, new Labourer Shaun Kehler completed an airbrake endorsement which will allow him to operate the village’s dump/plow truck, key as we enter winter and more snow will accumulate.  

Training like Sjac and Doug’s is important to complete required ongoing education through the Environmental Operators Certification Program to maintain their water and wastewater certifications.