Setting the Record Straight: Q&A relating to the need for sewer infrastructure

Per a 2019 engineering report titled “Canal Flats Sewage Lift Stations Assessment” the village’s main lift station (a large sewer pump) behind the Subdivision in Canal Flats is in poor condition and needs to be replaced.

The report states: “the metal components are showing signs of corrosion. The pump chamber floor has been noted to leak during seasonal high groundwater conditions. . . . Leaks on the piping have been noted on the pump packing and gasket seals on pump 1. The leaking sewage is collected by buckets and needs to be emptied regularly. . . moisture present is causing mold to form.”

In addition the condition of the lift station places village staff at risk in doing their daily sewer maintenance work.

The lift station is at the end of its service life. Regular maintenance from Village Public Works Staff has extended its life to this point, but it needs to be replaced.

For the full document, please see the following link: Setting the Record Straight: Sewer Upgrade Q&A