Village supports community through grants in aid

During the Feb. 13 regular council meeting, council reviewed applications for 2023 Grants in Aid. Applications for the grant open each year and allow the village to provide financial support to groups that benefit the community.  

This year council received 14 applications totaling $11,647. As this was more than the budgeted amount for the grants, council chose to support all applications but to grant less than requested to some applicants.  

Applications and awards are as follows:  


Name of Applicant  Description   Amount requested ($)  Amount awarded ($) 
Canal Flats Food Bank Society  Food bank purchases  1,000  1,000 
Canal Days Committee  Canal Days 2022  1,500  1,200 
Canal Flats Civic Centre  Community Christmas party  500  400 
Canal Flats Seniors  Contents insurance, pool table moving, purchase of TV  1,000  900 
Columbia Lake Stewardship Society  Operating costs   1,000  900 
Hospice Society of the Columbia Valley  Operating costs  1,000  900 
JS Events/Canal Flats Community Society  Community events  2,000  1,900 
Canal Flats Community Society  Curling bonspiel (waive arena rental)  1,000  600 
Family Dynamix  Columbia Valley Victims Services Program  1,747  1,747 
Canal Flats Community Society  Flats Fest (waive civic centre rental)  400  300 
Canal Flats Community Society  Liability insurance  250  250 
Canal Flats Civic Centre  Liability insurance 


250  250 
Canal Flats Seniors Club  Liability insurance 


250  250 
Headwaters Art Society  Liability insurance 


250  250