Willow Avenue Reconstruction and Grainger Road Repairs

Road reconstruction and paving of Willow Ave., Canal Flats, and some limited repairs of the roadway on Grainger Road is expected to begin next week and finish in approximately seven days after project initiation.

Residents in the Willow Avenue and Grainger Road/Bighorn Estates area can expect intermittent road closures during construction. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

The work was publicly tendered in July and will be done by Border Holdings Ltd. from Cranbrook. Road construction and paving is very expensive and the contract for the work is for $170,395.00. This is well below the amount ($363,000.00) budgeted by Village of Canal Flats Council this year for the project, based on engineering estimates, and represents very good value for the Village.

The road repairs on Grainger Road are being done in the vicinity of Columbia Springs Drive and will repair roadway dips that may be placing stress on underground village infrastructure.

The work will be carried out under the supervision of the Village’s contracted engineering firm, Urban Systems.