Letter of Thanks to Brian Fehr

March 11, 2021

Brian Fehr
Columbia Lake Technology Centre

Dear Mr. Fehr,

I am writing you on behalf of The Village of Canal Flats, to thank you for the works you
are currently undertaking on the East side of the village.

I have been on site several times through out the logging process with your Lead
Forrester Paul Heit. Mr. Heit has been exceptional to work with, and has done his best
to acknowledge any special needs of the village ie. preservation of our historic flume

We acknowledge that this logging is helpful for the fire risk management of the
village. Additionally I am aware of your help to facilitate the slash piles being ground
and shipped to Skookumchuck / Paper Excellence. This again takes away fire risk to the
village, and eliminates the need for future burning, of which we are grateful for.

Thank you for being a committed corporate partner in these endeavours, as well as the
employment that your company’s provides to the village.

Karl Sterzer