Park Development

Dear residents of the Village of Canal Flats,

I am excited to share some news that I believe will be of great interest to the members of our community. Recently, the Village of Canal Flats has purchased the property next to the daycare at the corner of Burns and Grainger Road.

This property has long been a key location in our community, and we believe that our acquisition of it will be a significant step forward in our efforts to create a sustainable and vibrant community for all residents.

We are still in the early stages of planning for this property, but we envision it as a hub of activity, where residents can gather to socialize, shop, and enjoy the amenities that our community will soon begin to offer. We believe that this location is a perfect fit for this type of development, given its proximity to the daycare and its central location in the community.

Aligned to our strategic priorities of business and resident attraction, we believe that this property represents a significant investment in the future of the Village of Canal Flats, and we are committed to ensuring that it serves our community well for years to come. We are excited about the possibilities that this property presents, and we look forward to working with residents to make our vision for this location a reality. We believe that by working together, we can create a community that is sustainable, vibrant, and welcoming for all.

Thank you for your support.

Mark Doherty,

Mayor of the Village of Canal Flats

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