Update on the Mayoral Race in the 2022 Local Government Election

October 17, 2022

Update on the Mayoral Race in the 2022 Local Government Election

On October 15, 2022, the preliminary election results for the mayor resulted in a tie vote.

Mark Doherty – 158 votes
Douglas McCutcheon – 158 votes

The ballots were counted twice, and the results were the same each time.

Since there is a tie, the Local Government Act Section 149 requires a judicial recount in Provincial court within the 13 days after the election date.

The Village of Canal Flats General Election Local Government Bylaw No. 158, 2014 states that if the votes are still equal, the results will be determined by lot. The procedure for drawing the name is outlined in the Local Government Act Section 151 and will be conducted by Provincial court. The candidates and election officials will be permitted to observe.

This is a highly unusual result, and Village staff will work diligently to complete this process as soon as possible. Updates to the community will be provided when available.

Of the 661 estimated eligible voters, 318 residents cast their ballots which means a 49% voter turn out.

Thank you to Mr. Doherty and Mr. McCutcheon for their patience and understanding during this process.

On a personal note, I would like to thank the election team, especially Annette Robinson, Richard Wayken, Laura Favreau and Denise Trepanier. You helped make a long day fly by with your hard work and support. Also, a special thanks to the vote counters.

Thank you to all the candidates for putting your name forward to run for Council and congratulations to Councillors-elect.

Sylvie Hoobanoff
Chief Elections Officer